FoodCoin Launches Referral Program to Attract Farmers to Blockchain

Now everyone who brings farmers to FoodCoin Ecosystem, will be rewarded for this tough but valuable effort. It is important to explain to people how implementation of blockchain into their supply chain can make their work easier. To participate in FoodCoin and 1000ecofarms referral program and get rewarded, all you have to do is to first register on the website by going to: For referral partners we recommend registration using email address, and not via social networks.
FoodCoin Launches Referral Program to Attract Farmers to BlockchainAfter the registration, please obtain the referral link by going to: You can use the same page to track your referrals, view bonuses earned and received from your referrals and create a withdrawal request for the funds that you have earned (please see withdrawal terms below).

Any seller that is referred by you to 1000EcoFarms will allow you to earn referral bonuses in the amount of 5% of all revenue generated by this seller in perpetuity.

For example:

• If a seller makes a sale through the website, you will get 5% of the total amount of commission paid to 1000EcoFarms;
• If a seller purchases Premium Account, you will get 5% of its price;
• If a seller purchases advertising on 1000Ecofarms, you will get 5% of the advertising price.

You can apply for withdrawal once every two weeks. Minimum withdrawal limit is $25 or the equivalent in the currency used to perform the purchase transaction (i.e. if purchase was made use FoodCoins, you will receive FoodCoins as your referral bonus, purchase was made in Euro - you will receive Euro, etc.).

Please note that it may take up to 30 days for transactions to settle in the account. The transactions are considered complete only when they are no longer available to be recalled or charged back. The partnership bonus will become available for withdrawal only after that time.

If you have questions regarding the referral program, feel free to ask them:

Thank you so much for being with us. We appreciate you all!
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