Traceability of Food Supply Chain

Traceability of supply chain is the key for food safety, as it allows to detect all the path that a product went through before arriving the final customer. It allows to track the most critical elements that a product supply chain consists of. These are the movement, location and origin of the products, as well as the forage used, or components of animal origin contained in a product.

Implementing traceability in all production stages requires using solutions which allow to identify the origin, location and route that a product goes through. In other words, it has to answer the questions: “Where is the product of our interest?”, and “Where does it come from?”

Digitization of food industry is an inevitable process, and FOODCOIN is designing tools for it. They allow to integrate completely or gradually supply chain in business to make it sustainable.

It will allow to reduce administrative costs, from contract signing to specialists and intermediaries.

The globalization makes the production processes and supply chains more complex, and they have to work “just in time”. Even though before this was a voluntary decision of any food producer, modern trends are leaving them with no choice but following the rules of modern market.
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