Small-scale farmers and organic producers from Maryland join FOODCOIN blockchain

Small-scale farmers and organic producers from Maryland join FOODCOIN blockchainThe number of users of FOODCOIN Blockchain grows as there are more users joining the system. Small-scale farmers and organic producers from U.S. are already using the benefits of FOODCOIN Blockchain. The information about their products is already available in the system. Most of these farmers are from Grassfed on the Hill – a community of farmers and bio-producers from Maryland, founded and managed by Liz Reitzig.

By integrating the product information with FOODCOIN Blockchain, the producers make the production process visible and transparent for any interested party, which is convenient both for producers and customers.

The information about the ingredients and origin of purchased product can always be checked and ensured because it is all verified and cannot be counterfeited technically.

A bit earlier, other food producers joined FOODCOIN Blockchain system: Swiss cheese producers Sennereigenossenschaft Obergedteln and ALDIM GmbH, a German producer of canned food.

Alexander Schnekenhaus, owner and CEO of ALDIM GmbH, is sure that using Blockchain, with QR-codes on the products, is a great step towards the progress and accessibility for the customers. “I think we are close to the time when many product information will be available to be seen and found in Blockchain through QR-codes and internet shops. The customers will benefit from traceability and visibility which the producers from nowadays are seeking to provide.”

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