WALLOK is now open for testing

Source: WALLOK allows to send transactionsSource:                Our users can create custom PRORIDsSource: Just choose “Custom PRORID” from the menuSource: We make WALLOK fully functional
Source: WALLOK allows to send transactions
Source: WALLOK allows to send transactions
WALLOK is one of the main components of FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM. Now it consists of crypto wallet with possibility to add metadata to the blockchain and soft for creating PRORIDs - recordings about products, their connections and shipping. The development is done, and to make WALLOK fully functional, it must be tested. Today, FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM opens WALLOK for public testing.
First, WALLOK allows to send transactions. Though it's a basic function of any crypto wallet, it also has a feature to add signatures to the transactions. In “My ID” section you can add any information about you to the blockchain due to DIGID (Digital Identity Verification Platform), a remote user verification system built on a decentralized Ethereum-based blockchain platform. You can add different types of information about you or your company. Each Identity record costs as a payment fee.

You don't need to have real coins in your WALLOK to make test transactions. All you need is test coins which you can easily get.
As a second part of testing, our users can create custom PRORIDs. PRORID is an entry in FOODCOIN blockchain created for tracking the information about products. For example, information about cheese from Switzerland.

Every seller can add all the information about a product into a PRORID: it could be a product name, the place where it has been made, best before date, any relevant certificates and all kinds of stuff. PRORIDs can contain images or PDF files and connections with parent PRORIDs.
Source:                Our users can create custom PRORIDs
Source: Our users can create custom PRORIDs
Source: Just choose “Custom PRORID” from the menu
Source: Just choose “Custom PRORID” from the menu
Source: We make WALLOK fully functional
Source: We make WALLOK fully functional
There is a special type of PRORID created for tracking delivery process, which has different set of fields. To create your own set of fields, you can choose “Custom PRORID” from the menu.

All the information you add can be verified through a hash system and will be recorded in the blockchain. Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, which prescribes providing possibilities to modify, remove and restrict the access to the personal data, we cannot store the data directly in the blockchain, as one of the features of blockchain is consistency and transparency of the information. This is the reason to use a hash system. Hashes are electronic signatures generated on metadata insertion and stored in blockchain. The information is stored on a server instead of blockchain, and it can be modified. System checks the coincidence of hashes and verifies validity of the information.

Try to use WALLOK and let us know what you think! FOODCOIN Team is open for feedback and suggestion. All issues and ideas for features can be sent to: support@foodcoin.io

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