First product on ProRID: Swiss cheese in Blockchain

Source: Swiss cheese in BlockchainSource: PRORID system will make the whole food more safe
Source: Swiss cheese in Blockchain
Source: Swiss cheese in Blockchain
The development of PRORID system started a new stage. First product information was added to the system today, and it is the Swiss cheese made in Sennereigenossenschaft Obergedteln, owned by FOODCOIN partners, Mr. Hubi Jost and Dietmar Benedetti.

This step is important for FOODCOIN ecosystem, as the blockchain allows to store the product information and prevents it to be modified or removed. Thus, the information cannot be fake, because it is entered only by the producer.

Every information about a particular product is stored in its own PRORID.

PRORID is basically a smart contract used for recording the product origin information. A product may have only one PRORID, as well as a chain of PRORIDs related to different production or logistics stages. All these attributes are also connected inside the blockchain.

You can learn everything about product origin due to a bunch of connected PRORIDs.
All the product information can easily be accessed via QR-code, which can be scanned by special apps.

If you have no QR code scanners, use this link to check the first recorded product.

We hope many products soon will have their own PRORIDs to make it easier to track the product information.

Using PRORID system will make the whole food industry more safe and transparent.

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