Please find below the terms of market research participation. All these terms will expired after market research. And there will be new terms for 1-st stage of sale


TGE. 1-st stage

The 1st sale stage is planned to be launched at the first half of November 2017. It will last 1 month.

How the earned funds will be used after the emission?
Up to 35% - for the 1000Ecofarms platform development
Up to 35% - for FOOD development
Up to 10% - for the social projects
5 % - for bonus program and advisory board
15% - for FOOD founders


Future emissions

Future emissions will be made as the new 1000Ecofarms members will demand more tokens, or in a case when it is necessary to balance the speculative demand. However, all funds gained in the future emissions will be distributed with the same proportions as after the first one (35/35/10/5/15).

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