Partnership and Bonus

For an effective distribution of information about the ongoing crowdfunding, we have developed special partnership and bonus programs. We invite anyone to participate in either one of these programs.

Please find below the terms of TGE participation. All these terms will expire after TGE

Introducing Partner Program for Sharing FoodCoin

FoodCoin Buyer Referral Program

You only have to sign up on our site and select the “Become a partner” in your account.

After this, you will receive a link that you can post in your post in your social media, blogs and channels to bring potential members.

What will your followers obtain after registration on using your link?

If they buy foodcoins on the 1-st sale stage, they will get additional +5% to the multiplier indicated on the site. Therefore, the calculation formula will be as follows:

с = (a * k) +5%,

с – amount of foodcoins that the user will receive after registration via referral link;
а – amount deposited by the user to buy foodcoins;
k – multiplication coefficient current at the moment of buying of foodcoins;

That is to say, if your friend signs up using your referral and buys amount of foodcoins equivalent to ETH 10 during TGE, the amount of foodcoins will be calculated by the following formula:

(10 Х 1.20) +5% = 12.60

What will our partners get?

The partner will get an amount of foodcoins equal to 3% from the amount deposited via his or her referral.

Therefore, the amount will be calculated as follows:

с = a * 3%,

а – amount deposited to acquire foodcoins by the partner referral program
с – amount of foodcoins that will be rewarded by the partner program

That is to say, if your friend signs up using your referral and buys amount of foodcoins equivalent to ETH 10, the partner program bonus will be calculated as follows:

10 * 3% = 0.3

The partner will be rewarded foodcoins with an amount of ETH 0.3

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